About Us

AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY established in the year 1996 as a channel for the organized outflow of Indians and Pakistanis into the Gulf, when there was a sudden surge in economic activity due to the discovery of oil and the subsequent development of commerce and industry.


Since the foundation of the company, an essential ingredient in our overall philosophy has been our continuous effort striving for excellence. The high regard in which we are held today bears testimony to the measure of success we have been able to achieve. A second crucial element has been to establish trust and authenticity amongst our clients and companies that makeup our database. Our motto has been to show equal concern for the welfare of our personnel, as well as for providing the client with the best possible services. In this way, we are "THE PEOPLE'S PEOPLE."


AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY is managed by our Director and professional consultants. Between them they have over fifteen years of experience in the field of Human Resources Management and have recruited over 20,000 personnel in the area of Oil/Gas (onshore / offshore), Construction, Engineering, Marine, Catering, Health Care, Computers (hardware /software), Administration & Management. Their experience and the knowledge despite a dearth of recruiting agencies in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, there was still an urgent need for a professionally managed recruiting agency and their sojourn in the Gulf strengthened and resolved to establish their own company, retaining overall control, AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY has a team of experienced Human Resources Consultants in each of the branches situated in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Each is managed autonomously and independently, their vision and determination has helped guide the company to the level it has achieved today.


The Company was established in Abu Dhabi to cater to the massive demand for Indian / Pakistan personnel's in Abu Dhabi with the intention of sourcing "USER SPECIFIC" labour to meet the required demand of commercial and Government establishments in the Middle East. With the Market expanding and a greater demand for Manpower we have established our esteemed office in Dubai also. Today AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY has branches in all the key metropolises like in India - Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala and Pune, in Pakistan - Islamabad and Karachi, in Bangladesh - Dhaka and in Nepal - Kathmandu. AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY is truly global only to bring you the best. However, Al FARAH Abu Dhabi office retains its importance in the organization. Dubai & Abu Dhabi being strategically located, the hub and entry-port of the Middle East, our office serves as the focal point of all our branches. It has dual purpose, firstly to be in close proximity with our clientele in the Middle East and secondly to establish ourselves as a professional management consultancy with an ability to provide personnel's, not only from India and Pakistan but from the rest of the subcontinent and the Far East as well. With this objective in view we have now established associate offices in Indonesia and Africa.


The experience of the past decade has made AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY emerge as an agency specialized in technical staffing. Besides placement of staff, we also offer consultation and assistance with Tenders, Salary Quotation, Charge sheet, Staff requirements etc. Over the years we have regularly supplied temporary and permanent staff worldwide to the petrochemical, power, offshore, oil & gas, chemical & process, industries, civil engineering & construction industries, AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY personnel have been placed at top management level positions, administration levels & technical positions as well.


Candidates registered with us are matched to the employer's requirements, which is an important recruitment tool. Its success depends on many factors, such as the quality of candidates and the accuracy of matching and understanding of client and job needs. In order to provide a high level service to employers, we have invested and continue to invest in the technology of staff necessity to deliver a registered service effectively. Our Data Bank contains the most precise information available on job-seeking professionals, in civil process engineering and materials technology. Our consultants perform selection of candidates. All our consultants are skilled communicators with in-depth knowledge of the jobs & markets in which they work. They are responsible for screening applicants and ensure that only committed job seekers with realistic job aspirants are registered. We aim to smoothen the recruitment process by eliminating some of the mundane tasks to save precious time and lessen your task of recruitment.


The complete recruitment consultancy service complements our Data Bank Search. It is based on the standard recruitment advertising and selection approach. As a standard before we proceed with the recruitment project we familiarize ourselves with your organization and its needs. After agreeing and understanding the requirement, AL Farah will design and advertise in the media and approach the associate offices, and thereafter the response is scrutinized and short listed as per the company's satisfaction.


Changing workloads and the project orientation of many employers means that staff requirements are at best available. There are occasions when short term or temporary assistance provides the only viable solution to a staffing shortfall particularly where staff is required immediately. The temporary assignment service is designed to help fill immediate or short-term requirements quickly and effectively. AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY supplies professional staff with specific expertise that requires the minimum induction into the company thereby ensuring that the temporary staff matches the requirement and the company receives full value for money. We are aware that requirement for a temporary assistance exists at all levels but practical experience has taught us that we can best serve your needs by concentrating on professional staff.


Our strength lies in our cost effectiveness and fast track project execution as we have compiled a vast computerized Data Bank. All personnels are initially interviewed and tested, all technicians are also trade tested in their particular field. Our Database consists of the entire gamut of Human Resources extending from unskilled labourers, skilled artisans, technicians, administrative staff, and senior professionals. The areas we specialize in are oil/gas (onshore/offshore,) Construction, Engineering, Marine, Catering, Health Care, Computers (hardware/software). The fact that we have a network of offices in India & Pakistan enables us to obtain personnels from specific areas in India & Pakistan such as construction workers from the Punjab & Rajasthan in India and Azad Kashmir, Gujarat, Peshawar, Kohat and Rawalpindi in Pakistan, for oil field professionals from Mumbai in India & Karachi in Pakistan and for Engineering & Technicians from Bangalore in India and Karachi in Pakistan. Our associate offices in other countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Africa can provide you with personnels that suits every requirement.


After the selection, we follow up with post-selected formalities to ensure each of the selected candidate reports to work at the earliest opportunity. Our Dubai office now takes care to assist and liaison between you and your recruiting base. This involves processing of travel documents, completion of immigration formalities, medical check ups, air tickets, visa endorsements and bank guarantees. Finally, we orient the candidate on the living conditions and the climatic conditions based on our first hand knowledge of the Gulf environment.


By using AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY to find the people you need, you can be sure that you have entrusted an onerous responsibility to a reliable and reputable recruiting agency with a spotless track record we can offer you.


A single phone call to AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY connects you to the world of human resources, where high quality service people, work professionally to meet the demands of the client thus by assuring quality services


At AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY, efficiency works at all times. Your enquiry is immediately matched with our global computerized data-bank, spanning five continents and several time zones. Our telecommunication facilities and professional staff ensure the best solution for you in the shortest possible time.


A vast majority of skilled manpower in the Middle East & Far East is a source from the Subcontinent, precisely from India and Pakistan. With its own offices in major metropolis cities in both India and Pakistan, AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY has a distinct advantage over any other recruiting agency. Being part of the same organization, a single point operating system help employers save costs and guarantees quality.


As our operations are controlled from our Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices, we have a location advantage in recruiting for the Gulf, having so many petrochemical industries, heavy & light industries, and new major construction projects coming up to which we can supply manpower from India and Pakistan as well as from Bangladesh and Nepal.


AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY searches the world for the people you need. Some of our clientele's requirements are from other countries as well. To serve such demands, we have also set up associate offices in Indonesia and Africa.


AL FARAH HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANCY is conscious of the cost aspect of business. In keeping with our commitment to cost effectiveness, no one can beat us on the price